Friday, March 26, 2010

Step Right Up

Circus! Science Under the Big Top
is currently on exhibit at the Bishop Museum in Kalihi. In the family twilight hour between when my work shift ends and when Susan's begins, we all met up at the museum and spent a quick hour enjoying the new displays.

There were actually some real no-kidding acrobatic performing rigs set up in the exhibit hall. Guests waited in line to harness up and take turns being hoisted up to the ceiling for a top-down look at circus life on the wire.

Other exhibits include hands-on learning stations and video kiosks demoing everything from the size and shape of circus animal poo (no really), to how to swallow a sword (kids, don't try this at home). Naomi crawled into a small glass box designed for the "human pretzel" performer.

I think our family's favorite part of the exhibit was a silly circus ring mock-up with costumes to try on and fake Styrofoam barbells. Imagine the mighty acts of strength that our juvenile juggernauts played out with these props! Well, you don't really have to; as you might have guessed, I got it all on video.

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