Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Minimum Falcon

From Suz' Christmas letter: "Besides doing yet another Tough Mudder in October, he’s been working on a new treehouse! The original treehouse was in a tree that, unfortunately, succumbed to arboreal mortality, and wasn’t safe any more. Though it was a sad realization, it opened up the new possibility of designing and building an even better treehouse. Originally Quinn had decided to build a hexagonal treehouse. After laying the main beams out on the driveway though, Nate commented that it looked like it could be a Millenium Falcon (Han Solo’s ship from Star Wars). Challenge accepted! It’s a little smaller *koff*, so it’s called the Minimum Falcon. Construction is proceeding beautifully, and it’s a real joy to watch Quinn have such fun building something with his hands. The kids love to go help him too, so he’s got a good work force." ...more pics