QC: "Our house is 36 feet above water and 2 miles inland. We are more worried about surviving a 2 week power outage."

Sat Feb 27

4:20pm (S) The postscript:

1:45pm (Q): Governer Lingle informs Hawaiians that the tsunami warning has been cancelled.

1:14pm (S): So it looks like the tsunami spared us! I'll be totally honest, and say I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get to see nature put on a show, but the sane part of my mind is just grateful that it was so mild. Now... what do we do with all this Spam??? :D Thank you to all our family and friends who kept us in their prayers today!

10:24 (Q): Starting to sound like the Tsunami maybe about six feet in height by the time it gets here. I'm guessing that in the inundation zones that might be a twelve foot high wall of water, but still as Tsunamis go, tame. We'll see, first wave hits Hilo in about half an hour.

10:00 (Q): USPS has decided to resume service to non-inundation zones today.

9:26 (Q): 
Remember those brand spank'n new rollaway recycle bins. Never been used. Makes for a handy dandy water holder. I just topped mine off. Bada-boom bada-bang, water for a week
9:16 (Q): News just announced that 2 of the 3 island Costco markets have closed because, "they were overwhelmed by the volume of people". Wow, Costco overwhelmed. Glad I went out to FoodLand before 5AM!

9:02: (Q) 
After 2 hours of attempts, KHON finally got the governer on Skype for a public address. She says the biggest concern she foresees is public wastewater issues. Shutting down waste water pumps to deal with the influx of water may be an option.
9:00: (Sue) Ready to run the last load of laundry and start the dish washer. Gonna get stuff clean while I've still got the water to do it!

8:40: (Sue) Water systems may be temporarily shut down. Sewage in the streets ONPURPOSE. (To avoid long term damage to the systems)

8:30am Sue edit: I'm reversing the order of the posts, so the newest ones show up at the top. We'll keep posting updates as long as we can. If it's like the earthquake a couple years ago, the phones will go out, and we'll lose power too.

Household update: We've got supplies, everybody's bathed, I've got a pan of chicken in the oven, and I know where both the radio AND the batteries are. I think we're as ready as we can be. Now to wait.
7:30: Better get the kids showered. Could lose utilities for a while.

US Mail cancels delivery service today

Mikey sez - there is a tsunami coming. learn about it!http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsunami

civil defense sirens going off again. They will every hour till the raid hits.

Sue fwd'd me the evac zones map. We are more than a mile north of the shaded area, so we're staying put.

6:45:  A friend of mine who works for a local airline and lives in Waikiki called to talk. Half of Waikiki may be under water if the Tsumani is 20', so he is going to have his family stay at a hotel near the airport while he helps the airline manage issues at the airport.

Hearing on news now.. Tsumani estimates for first wave are:

     11:05 AM Tsunami hits Hilo
     11:20 AM Maui
     11:35 AM Oahu (that's us!)
     11:50 AM Kaua'i

Sue is preparing to do some cooking .. if we lose power we'll need some prepared food on hand. She is talking about doing some mac'n'cheese and a roast..

6:30 AM Ala Moana mall closed. Friend in Waikiki reports phone lines are down.

6:00 AM civil defense ('air raid') sirens went off for the first time.
4:20 AM A good friend called and awoke me then apologized for waking me up. She told me that "a Tsunami is coming, and they are going to evacuate". I said.. "uh, this island?". Sue and I got up immediately and turned on the TV. Within about ten minutes we realized I should get to the nearby store and pick up some canned food and bottled water.

Sue was to work this morning at 6. As Ala Moana mall is actually AT SEA LEVEL, we decided she should stay home.

Friday Feb 26
Before I went to bed last night I got an email from the Waikiki Swim club:

"8.5 magnitude earthquake off of Chile; very similar to the 1960

I read it and went to bed.

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