Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dinosaurs at Bishop

I took the kids to the Bishop Museum after work again today. It's fun to spend an hour there and let everyone stretch their legs before we get back in traffic. The new temporary exhibit is called "Dinosaurs Unearthed". It will be running until January 3rd. There's about a dozen animatronic dinosaurs in front of and inside the first floor of the exhibit hall. Of course, there's also the classic bones, and placards, but we kind of go for all the noise and scare factor.

It's the kids second time to see the exhibit. They are off from school for break right now and went with Sue last week.

I took them again today and put all our video footage from both trips together with a little homage to "The Land Of the Lost". I think that corn-ball show was my introduction to dinosaurs, so it fits well in our home video.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It's my birthday this Friday and a friend of mine wanted to catch me early in the week and give me my gift before all the hullabaloo later this week. Tantalus is one of those places I've heard about, but never thought about. It's nice to know that after three years on the island there is still so much to see. Tatalus is a breathtaking lookout on the Eastern ridge that defines the Manoa valley. It faces South and from that point you can see most of the South shore: Diamond Head, Waikiki, Honolulu, the airport, the harbor, and Barbers Point. It is one of her favorite places, I felt honored that she took the time after work to share it with me, talk story and then treat me to dinner in the valley.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Surfs Up

I guess the winter is finally here. You can tell because the surf is up on the North Shore. It has been overhead since Tuesday. I drove up twice this week on Dawn Patrol to get ninety minutes of thrill before my day at the office. There is nothing like a drive into the country an hour before sunrise when the surf report is over 10' (face). You get so excited its like being over-caffeinated. There might be smooth buttery walls to carve, or it might be some double overhead blown out choppy monster. It's also a time for mental inventory, surfing 10 feet over a reef is actually kind of dangerous. Time to think about some of your life decisions.

On Tuesday I shot for almost an hour, then got washed up on the inside. I took the opportunity to go back to the car and grab the surf cam. This was a fun camera session. The North Shore was smooth enough that when the sets weren't firing I could change up the camera position. This video is the result of that session. I think more than any other one I've put together, it gives you feeling of what its like to play with the waves.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Sue had to work today, but the kids and I met up with Eric and his kids at Hickam Air Force Base for the Thunderbirds airshow. It only took us an hour to get in and parked, so we were on the tarmac an hour before the Thunderbirds 3:00 show. This gave the kids plenty of time to climb around on the static displays and parked aircraft. They probably climbed through the cockpits and holds of 3 or 4 cargo craft, a couple of helicopters, and even a large Coast Guard plane.

We brought ear protection and camped just left and behind "air show center". It was amazing watching planes fly in elaborate formations just feet apart. The soloist also made several runs at each other breaking away at the last instant. The energy was intense and the kids really got into it. Sometimes Nate would shriek when the planes looked like they were going to collide. Ben liked the inverted passes, and was impressed (unusual for Ben) when the announcer said that they were flying at speeds of over 500mph. We had an awesome time.

I sample and stitched some video from my iPhone. The grainier spots are were I tried to zoom in later during the edits.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunset Photo Opp

Every month the company posts an internal newsletter with the latest company info and a profile article on an employees. This month it was my turn. Nancy, the communications manager, asked me for a picture of me and the family doing our thing on the beach. I write software for a living, and she asked if I could wear my "CodeWarrior" T-shirt for the shot. I wore it to work last month and got a lot of comments.

To facilitate the photo opp, we had a family sandwich dinner at Hau Bush after work. It's winter now, so by the time we got there the sun was already starting to set. We took the picture and I still managed to get in a 20 minute session while Sue lifeguarded the kids. She made ono chicken salad sandwiches, with a hint (ha ha) of fresh paprika. We enjoyed those while the sky turned purple.

Side Note: I finished up editing the latest surf video over the weekend. It uses footage from the new rail camera mount I mentioned in this post.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Splash at Hawaiian Waters

After church today, the kids and I went to use our season passes at Hawaiian Waters, water park. A couple hours there, and nap time is noooo problem.

Sue was out sick today. She had us all worried with a 103˚ fever that sprouted in the middle of the night. Pua ting missed church, the water park ... and.. work! They have a strict three strikes absence policy, so hopefully she won't get in too much trouble for it. Feel better Sue!

Here's a cute video of No`i vs. Water-Jet at the park today.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekend Hike

Sue and I recruited a new baby sitter. We arranged for her to watch the kids this morning while Sue and I made another hike up Koko Crater. It's our fourth time going up together, and it seems like it's become our new regular thing. I'm encouraged. We feel stronger each time we go.

On our way back we stopped at Rainbow Drive-In. Right near the end of the Alawai down town. We enjoyed some ono pork cutlet, shoyu chicken and took some beef stew home. I think their mac salad might be the best on the island. (Except for home kine of course!)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Garage Sale

When we moved to Hawaii from Norfolk three years ago, it was all done in haste. The trash cans were practically packed by the movers with the trash still in them. Our Norfolk home was 2,300 square feet with half an acre of yard. The house here is about 1,650 square feet with enough yard to start up the mower. So between the mélange we should have purged then and the size of the house now, we were busting this joint at the seams with surplus detritus.

We've been planning this sale for about three months, I think Sue and I finally got serious about it last month. We went through the house room by room and opened nearly every box we brought here from the East Coast. We sorted the assemblage into three piles: sell, give-away, and throw-away. The sorting part was actually easier for us to do than we thought.

The day started at 4AM with me posting a series of signs around the neighborhood. The Adams family provided us with some canopy tents and fold out tables, and we also had three large steel shelves we used to hold-up, prop-up or tie-up all the tchotchkes that we had for sale. Ceci Adams is pretty much a garage sale pro, she had tons of tips for us. One of the killer ones was: sell food. A hot dog, or a bottle of water in the hot Ewa sun makes for a quick buck, and people hang out, talk-story and buy more.

The sale ran from 7AM until 2PM. At close I pulled down all the signs, we got everything from the driveway back into the garage, and headed out for dinner at the Sizzler in Waipahu. We had a lot to celebrate, we had a family event, we purged a ton of old junk, and we pocketed a cool 400 bucks! Epic WIN.

Thanks again Adams for all the help.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kudos To Sue

Sue is always talking about all my athletic events, in my opinion though she is the real jock. It's easy enough for a varsity has-been (me) to go and decide he is going to win a few community races in his middle age. It's another thing altogether when someone who NEVER was an athlete decides that, after three kids and 16 years of marital domestication, she wants to get into Sizzlean shape. Since April Susan has made three trips up and down Kokohead and logged over 130 miles on her Nike+ running fob. Those of you that haven't seen Sue in a year may be suprised, she has always had a long build. The changes however, are remarkable. Sue has lost about a fifth of her body weight, and as you can see, what is left is muscle and smile. Kudos Sue!