Sunday, March 28, 2010


A little less than two weeks ago I read this article from I was so completely blown back by the mash-up in the inset that I spontaneously hurtled in a creative mode a la Darth Vader spinning off into space. Had it not been for Suz periodically drugging me with sleeping pills, and slipping me dinners which could be consumed through a straw while I worked, I might not be alive here to blog this. Tonight.

Readers (aka: my wife, and my mom) know that I really enjoy shooting and editing up home video into tidy vignettes which I then post on YouTube (so that the aforementioned can watch them). I have always used iMovie to make these videos. When I saw the Galactica mash-up though, I was seized with an idea, one that I knew I would have to learn Final Cut to realize.

I spent the last ten days learning Final Cut (Express) and putting together this "Sabotage" parody tribute with previously shot home video footage. There were a lot of lessons learned and I am looking forward to applying them in whatever my next Magnum Opus is. I hope you enjoy it.

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