Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Girls Day

Our family friend "Aunty Ceci" brought it to my attention that today is "Girls Day" in Hawaii. She posted this bulletin at my desk in her own typical fashion. With Food! Ceci brought in a large tray of pink chichidango mochi with the note "Happy Girls Day - To Sue & Naomi". Being no fool, she also placed two in a seperate wrapper on top of the gift to make sure that the gift arrived home untested.

I don't know much about Girls Day accept that it is of Japanese origin (as is.. yup, Boys Day). I've seen it come and go three times since we've been here and never thought much about it. So for both of our edification (yours and mine). Here is a little blurb I plagerized from here:

"In Japan, Girls’ Day is a thing of the past, giving way to Children’s Day on May 5 (formerly Boy’s Day). But here in Hawaii, we still like to give the girls a day all their own.

Hinamatsuri, or Girls’ Day, takes place every March 3 and is mostly celebrated by Hawaii families of Japanese and Okinawan descent. Early Japanese immigrants first brought the holiday to the Islands. ...

In Hawaii, you will find trays of hishi mochi sitting in the storefronts of Asian groceries. The diamond shaped colored rice cakes are the traditional food of Girls’ Day. Red or pink represents peach blossoms and other flowers, white signifies snow or purity and green symbolizes growth or fertility."

Thanks for the mochi Cec.

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