Monday, March 1, 2010

1st Sports Injury

Occasionally on days when the boys are in school the rest of us meet up for lunch at a park midway between work and home. Our daughter usually orbits about in the area between the picnic table and jungle gym equipment. While Sue and I watch, eat and catch up in the sun Naomi comes by to fuel up with just enough sandwich energy to make it another five minutes on the play equipment.

Today after we finished eating Sue and I trekked over and sat on top of the monkey bars to get a closer view of our primate. She was swinging and laughing and jumping, we were enjoying her enjoying herself. After about ten minutes, she lost her grip a little early. She came down with a plop, landing awkwardly on the back of her right heel. It really hurt her. Never having had a sports injury before she was also pretty confused, it was actually HARD for her to walk.

I lifted Naomi back up to her mom sitting on top of the bars. Above is the picture I took of Sue consoling her. She went home with Sue and took a nap, but she is still walking tenderly on it this evening.

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