Kaulakahi Channel Crossing

As I get updates from Quinn, and the time to post them, I'll update this page with how his swim is going.
I'll keep the newest posts at the top. :)

8/29 5:20pm
Just got a text from Quinn that it's "all good", and that it took 10 hours. Hooray for everyone who made that journey today!!

8/29 4:20pm
Aha! Thanks to Pat Goding for clueing me in to this! One of the other swimmers, Jen Schumacher, has her own GPS tracking system, and it's *not* cell phone based, so it's still working! Check out this link for the map of their progress, and this link to see the text updates on Twitter!! (Thanks Pat!) By the looks of it, I'd guess that the swimmers just reached their goal. :D

8/29 10:00am
Looks like they've gone out of range of the cell phone towers on Kauaʻi, so the free spying is over. ;) I'm sure that they're still on track, though, and doing like Dory says: "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

8/29 6:41am
Cool! As long as his batteries and the GPS in his iPhone hold out, you can track Quinn on RunKeeper! He's already in the water, so click that link!

8/28 10:04pm 
Quinn: Tonight I am staying as a guest at the Pacific Missile Range Facility beach cottages. Two of the four people making the crossing with me are in the Air Force, making our stay possible.

It's a good thing, too. There isn't much on the West side of Kauaʻi. It's basically the sandy dry forgotten spot of the otherwise "Emerald Isle". The state road even dies out here before it can make a complete circumnavigation back to the North.

Tomorrow morning we are going to make an incredible trek to an even more desolate spot, Niʻihau. Captain Don will meet us at a quarter of dawn, and we will swim out and past his boat waiting for us offshore. He will guide and accompany us from a distance as we swim the Kaulakahi Channel, the 17-mile wide body of water separating Kauaʻi from Niʻihau. Our slow-moving flotilla will consist of four swimmers, a kayaker, a paddleboarder, and a 24' long fishing boat with a crew of three.

Everyone else has just shuffled off to rest up. It's 10:00pm on Saturday night. We will wake at five, and be on the beach in front of the cottage half an hour later.

8/27 4:27pm
Sue here... if you're wondering where Quinn will be swimming this weekend, here's a link to the channel itself. If I've got time, I'll post more goodies. :)