Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why the New Wii is Black

The new Wii is probably black to commemorate all the games Wii patrons of the last decade can no longer play. As if thousands of titles cried out at once, and suddenly, were silenced. Tell me Nintendo, how much did you save you to leave out 4 female ADB ports and two legacy memory card slots? Was it worth it?

Buy a new Wii to replace your broken one? Here's a better idea. Get it repaired, it's better for the environment, and you can still play your old games. Nintendo offers repairs here. But I have a feeling that this won't be an option for long.

Your old white Wii is dead because it can't read disks. Makes sense right? It's the only moving part in the unit. You can fix this yourself for under $60. Less than that if you get a deal on the shipping. You will need a set of phillips hobby screwdrivers (like for fixing eye-glasses) and one of these ($3) because yet another proprietary screwdriver has been invented. Take apart your old wii (take pictures as you take out screws to keep track). Some screws are under small square stickers, some under silicone 'foot-pads'. Once you get inside, you should be able to remove the old wii-drive with 4 screws, then underneath detach two ribbon cables. One of those cables is a ZIF header (the socket lip hinges up). Then put one of these ($27 - $55) in.

Bada-boom, bada-bing!