Friday, October 31, 2008


We had a pumpkin carving contest at work today. Although the Makai engineering team didn't win, they were kind enough to let me take the entry home. Since Sue worked though, we put our kids together with the Mililani gang. No`i was a hula girl, Nate Spider-Man, and Ben a pumpkin headed -- headless horseman (sans stead). All of our kids tromped the area around Mililani Mauka Middle School, and we finished there for some community fun.

The pumpkin above is inspired by the Ikaika Polynesian Warrior Helmet. Greg hung the the pumpkin in a nice spot in front of a mossy tree in his front yard, then spot lit it from below... BOO! video

Monday, October 27, 2008

Maui Waui

The Adams came over and watched the kids while Sue and I skipped over to Maui for a day and a half of the weekend. My buddy Ian was manning the Specialized Riding tent during the Xterra marathon over the weekend which made accommodations easy. Saturday we visited the Maui swap meet and Tedeschi Winery up on the mountain. Sunday morning we made time for a snorkle in Kihei. video

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Misses Nezbit

Enjoying coffee before work with Hunny, No`i and Snowy this morning in Ewa Beach. We've got a 'system' worked out now where we get the coffee from the Buck, and a tastey breakfast sandwich at the Subway next door. As No`i's appetite has increased, we've had to cut the sandwich 3 ways. Looks like Snowy is making a move for the leftovers here. Bad bear!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

We took the whole family to the Aloun Farms pumpkin patch this weekend. The farm is kind of between Ewa Beach and Kapolei just south of H1. Although the grounds are set up for hay rides and carny stuff, we only had time to grab a pumpkin for each kid. All the orbs are layed out in a tilled field, vines already cut, and no plants actually there. We suspect that the great pumpkin fairy perhaps cuts them and brings them over from the other side of the field when no one is looking. video

Monday, October 13, 2008

Captain Kona Returns

Ian came back from his Specialized Riders gig at the Hawaii Ironman in Kona. It's probably the biggest event in that (masochistic) sport. I don't know much about it but here's a link to Ian's blog kine and you can probably dig in for yourself. Ian and fiance Mary are stopping back through Oahu on their way back to San Jose. 

I enjoyed a run up and down lagoon drive over lunch time with them both and look forward to more adventures with these friends until they depart Wednesday.

Pictured above: last years defending champion Chris "Macca" McCormack, Jr.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hawaii Maritime Center

Today was probably the first big North Shore swell of the season. I paddled out at Chun's just a little after sunrise. It was a good session, kind of smallish, but I did manage to drop in and get some cuts back over the lip on the small board. 

Later on Sue tried for a snorkel, but the weather changed. I spent the evening watching the kids and editing more video from yesterday (the Hawaiian Maritime Center museum), and we watched an iTunes rented copy of Forbidden Kingdom before bed.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Aloha Tower Marketplace

This morning we all went to the Aloha Tower Marketplace for breakfast, pier-side perambulation and a trip to the Hawaii Maritime Center museum. After breakfast Sue noticed Naomi had a fever so we split up and the boys and I stayed in town and continued on to the museum. I got footage from both the Marketplace and the museum, but just edited the former tonight. Actually, truth told, the museum... not so great. Afterwards, the boys and I all walked into China town to swim at Uncle Eric's swanky bachelor pad and bum a ride in the Beemer back to Ewa. Busy day, lots of fun. video

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Island Dream

Once a year the Waikiki Swim Club (WSC) does a small afternoon boat cruise for its members. We left from a slip at Ward Marina and sailed pretty much of the way to Diamond Head and back. Halfway there we all jumped off the boat to play in the water, and then climbed back on for potluck food and BYOB beverages. It was a beautiful Hawaiian evening and we enjoyed the sunset on the boats enormous pink sails. video

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blame Canada

Went surfing with my old highschool friend Ian today. Ian was passing through Oahu on the way to Big Island. He's headed there to help with Specialized Bicycles promotions at the Kona Iron Man. video

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No Get Out Swims

Back in the day, when we had swim practice the day before someones birthday. The birthdayee often had to do a "Get Out Swim" in the last 15 minutes or so of practice. The coach challenges the swimmer with some impossible time, and the swimmer goes at it while teammates watch from the sidelines. Everyone is very excited because if the swimmer makes the time, the practice is over for the day. Otherwise some heinous last "set" is given for the whole team to do.

It wasn't a get out swim but Ernie Challenged us  with a very difficult, swim until failure set. The idea being, you'll never make the last repetition but go for it anyway! I made the free, the fly wasn't quite fast enough. No matter... it was fast enough for this old man.