Friday, May 30, 2008

Change of Command

I swim Masters at Pearl Harbor. After practice they were preparing for
an unusual "Change of Command" ceremony. The new commander has requested that it be done UNDERWATER!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Hau Bush Session

Finished up a video edit yesterday from a session with Gene at Hau Bush on Saturday. I think I've surfed about 6 hours so far this weekend. Nothing huge, but lots of consistent waves. Its been fun just playing around.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pizza Rangers

Yep, dad made dinner for the kids while mom went out snorkling this evening. Guess what we had.

Flight School

Memorial day weekend has started off awesome! I had a 3 hour session at Hau Bush with Gene, then came home and then took the kids out for a fun afternoon while Sue snorkeled the north shore. In the evening Anastasia came over and sat the kids while we went out to see the new Indiana Jones Movie and then ate at the Japanese restaurant, Ushio-Tei, in the Ko`olina Ihilani Marriott.

Here's a picture of Sue and I sampling from the two "flights" of sake we ordered with our meal. We don't know rice wine, and couldn't decide, so we basically had to try them all. Each flight had three samples, delicious!

Sue and I had plenty to talk about over dinner because the movie really was laughable. It was fun to see all the old Indiana Jones Gimmicks and stunts, but the rest was pretty much plot-fodder.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sunset Session

Went surfing at Sunset Beach... after work until about ..sunset. It was scary, big and sloppy but I found a space out about half a mile out  where you could catch nice long rides on the shoulder. I think I got my biggest drop ever today, it was at least 15 feet. I was up so high I felt I was looking at the world through a fish eye lense. Only two other people were out so there wasn't even a crowd to compete with. I sketched this picture up a few days after the post date.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


A company co-worker invited myself and others out for dinner Phuket Thai and a play at The Yellow Brick Theatre. The play casts another Referentian, Theresa Shelby, who has a dual role as both a legal clerk and nurse. The Shadowlands, is a play about the romatic life of C.S.Lewis, and how he wrestles with his own theological doctrine in the face of turmoil. The theater facilities were small and stuffy but the performance was personal and thought provoking.

Train Wreck

I got to be a daddy super hero today, I love it when that happens. The gray transaxial gear on Thomas' back wheel (right) cracked and was spinning freely without providing any torque to the axel (left). Poor Thomas was chuffing away but going no where. Members from Thomas' fan club were dispatched to daddy's fix it shop for a resolution. I am a pack rat, not only that but I take apart anything I can't fix so I had a box of gears lying around in the garage. I found the blue gear (center) in my cache. The stalk of which was a perfect match for the gray gear. Using a jewler saw I cut short length from the blue and secured it on the axel. Within 20 minutes Thomas was back in action!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Nate was monkey-hugging me all the way to the school bus. When I said its time to go he held fast. Finally I stuck my arms straight out and said to Pebbles, the bus driver, "look! no hands". She said "Dats why we call em Opihi".

Later Nate's teacher at school called and said there had been a mix up with Nate's backpack on the bus. Apparently another kid has the same one.

When the bus returned later to drop him off. Pebbles volunteered that "if we jus put one Opihi on his backpack -- we neva mix em up". Big laughs.

Milling around the house before bed this evening I happened across an Opihi shell on a knick-nacks shelf. I drilled out three small holes and stitched it on. Great idea Pebbles!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Naomi and Loo

Naomi asked to go to the bathroom this morning with results! Are my
diaper changing days coming to an end? Imagine.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Temporal Distortion

Greg and the Adams came over today to replace the timing and AC belts
in the car.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Iron Man

Stacia came over and sat the littles while Ben and I went out and saw Iron Man. The movie was stuffed with technobabble, gadgets fight scenes and guns, but I don't think it was overdone. It was a good movie, Ben laughed a lot too. I love it when he gets going, its contagious. I'd recommend it. I'm not sure how close it follows the Iron Man comic, but I wasn't a fan for those titles. 

We're Gonna Need Bigger Guns!

Where do you go when mom is out of town? Pearl Harbor Memorial of course.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Nate's Spring Program

Nate had his elementary school Spring Program at Holomua Elementary this morning. He and his class did the "Peppermint Twist", Nate also announced for the class and got his name in the in the printed program. I was able to dash home from work see it and then head back in.

Late that evening after work, Sue brought the whole family out for a 5:00 dinner at Sam Snead's Tavern. Afterwards we took her off to the airport for her special trip home.

Happy Girl

I suprised Sue with a trip back to the mainland to get some fresh hugs
from her ohana. I've been sneaking around setting this up for a month
now. She found out this morning, and she leaves tonight!