Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sand Island Treasures

Sue worked Wednesday for the first time in a while today. She packed up the van with suits and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. After she putted off to work in the Green Dragon, the kids and I headed out from my work parking lot to Sand Island.

Sand Island is mostly an industrial depot on the side of the harbor across from Aloha Tower. Huge boats are unloaded on the harbor side, and cruise ships are often heading in to dock.

The South strip of Sand Island facing the Pacific is in contrast to the rest of the island. It's an enormous beach park. There is cove on the Western corner mostly protected from the surf by a retaining wall of rock, and a kind of a jetty. The kids can play there without me worrying to much.

After swimming for a while, we all took a break to walk around and look for 'treasures'. Today's cache: A plastic ninja, sharks teeth I picked out of a dried up jaw, a poker chip, a half of a Hula Girl playing card, a rooster skull and a hand made friendship bracelet. Not pictured a fake flower from an ABC store style lei.

After the walk, we circled back to cove, the kids played until they got cold. I showered them, dusted them off and we camped in the (relatively) warm van for our tastey PB&J sandwiches.

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