Friday, April 2, 2010

Go Fly a Kite

I've started developing an interest in something called "Assemblage Art". You could think of it as an art form which makes sculptural collages out of old relics. The trick is that things have to be kind of grungy and preferable found, not bought.

The One Ula beach park, also known by surfers as "Hau Bush" is fairly run down. There is a lot of history to the place. Apparently it used to be an out of the way place for rough-necks to gamble drink and bet in cock-fights. Hau Bush is now accessible by road, and despite the initial appearance, it really is a fairly friendly (local but friendly) beach. Besides all that, the surf there is nearly okay.

On the way into the park it gets a little intimidating street signs with bullet holes, and always a few piles of junkyard dander. Strange, the piles never get much bigger, but always keep changing. This must be thanks to a beach clean-up crew.

Around an hour till sunset I went with the kids down to Hau Bush, hoping I might find some new junk to incorporate into my forthcoming assemblage masterpiece. First though, the kids got a chance to romp in the sand and surf while I looked for beach glass.

The surf was a little bigger than expected in the strong winds and I pretty much ended up sitting on the concrete parking barrier and playing life guard. 'Nomes, always very sensible for her age, thought she would be better off sitting and playing near me than in the turbulent break.

While we were watching the boys, a local man (henceforth: Uncle) danced his homemade kite just about 10 feet over our heads. My daughter started grinning and pawing at it like a cat. After a while Uncle gave it to her. I think that was his plan all along. He gave me brief instructions on how to pilot his contraption and then left Nomes and I to fly it. When started climbing back into the van, he wouldn't hear of us giving it back. It was a gift. Thank you Uncle.

Driving out of the park, kids wet and sandy, I pulled over and found a wooden box, a rusty bicycle chain, and several pieces from most of a decorated porcelain cup and saucer. I selected these as my artifacts for the evening.

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