Tuesday, April 13, 2010


(2): Used and made by all Southwestern Indian tribes, fetishes are objects which represent the spirits of animals or the forces of nature. ...

I'm still kind of stuck on assemblage art, but I don't think I really have what it takes. It seems creation in that style of art requires a willingness to kludge just about anything together, and create a curiosity as interesting as it is useless.

As much as I say I'm a creative, I'm also somewhat begrudgingly an engineer. The right brain vs. left brain issue is something I've struggled with my whole life. I think I could be an inspired artist if only I wasn't so concerned with function. I think I could be a productive engineer if I wasn't so concerned with elegance. So here I am again in my own creative purgatory. New art-form, same issue.

So, bringing order to my creative chaos, I needed a theme for the assembled collection. I couldn't just go with arbitrary dander, so I focused specifically on beach junk. I think that the closest I will ever come to an assemblage collage is maybe a cuckoo clock made out of drift wood and beach glass. If I actually perserve and finish it, perhaps this wooden hula girl will be in it. Maybe gyrating on the hour. Who knows.

So, maybe I'm not artist, but I have found out this week, I CAN whittle drift wood.

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