Friday, April 16, 2010


I was beach combing over lunch break again. This time I enjoyed the stroll with Ceci, it was good to catch up. While we walked we looked for more beach glass and the perfect piece of drift wood.

We wandered off the walking path over near the section of the boulder retaining wall by the surf break. A lot of wood pieces from the ocean wash over that wall. The top soil by the barrier is worn away and there is a rocky brambly area for the x-mariner sticks to lay in. By the time the ocean has leached the oil from them, and the sun has bleached them white, they are as light as balsa and easy to shape with files and sand paper.

Ceci spotted a nice cropping of drift wood and we wandered over the rugged stretch to inspect them. I should have been more cautious. Two or three times I felt the prick of a thorn through my rubber slippers (flip-flops). I just pulled them out of the soles and kept walking, picking up the ghostly branches.

Heading back, I lunged forward and felt a shot of pain so strong it was actually confusing. I looked down to see the woody spine (picture) stuck, the hilt.., into the sole of my footwear. My hand shot out, and I grabbed Ceci's shoulder. She steadied me and instinctively I pulled at the impalement to get it out of my shoe and my flesh. It was stuck so far in, it didn't budge.

I paused long enough to wonder out loud about it. Cec said something like, 'Just ya know, count to three and pull da buggah out'. Her handsome mahogany skin, was going more of a chartreuse hue. I probably was too. "Okay", I said, "here goes" and pulled as solidly as I could. It came out in one piece, sticky and slow at first, then accelerating as it slid free. We hobbled back to the car.

I called my doctor, it needed a tetanus shot. After work the kids and I went to Queen's in Kapolei. I am grateful they were willing to see me at closing time, and just before the weekend. Dr. Okimoto stayed late and treated me with a tetanus shot, a beta-dine soak, wound massage, antibiotics and codeine. I'll be back on my feet in no time.

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