Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

When you think Valentine's Day, you think "Biathlon" right? Well, we have been. The Waikiki Swim Club hosts a series of (run/swim) Biathlons every year. The last one is on Valentine's Day. I've never participated in it before, because I never knew a runner I felt comfortable smooching at the relay exchange. Enter Sue! Sue picked up the gauntlet and started training (specifically for this event) since November of last year. She did awesome, training over 14 miles a week for the last several months, by the day of the biathlon she was down to a nine minute mile! This was her very first athletic event, and a first for us as a family.

The event had several awards. The oddest one was in "The Best Kiss" category. At the run/swim exchange, the hand-off is done with a kiss. Ben took this picture (left) 3 seconds before Sue planted one on me. When I turned to go, Sue slapped me HARD on the butt. There was a loud *CRACK*, I yelped and went off like a shot. It also netted us 2nd Place in the kissing contest. In the event over all, we placed 8th in the married division. Only about 6 minutes short of the 1st place winners. Awesome!

We went out after the race to Cheeseburger Waikiki to celebrate what will probably become a new tradition. Later that evening, we got a sitter to go out and do Valentine's Day properly. We relived the race over dinner at Buzz's Steakhouse in Pearl Ridge and after dinner went and saw The Wolfman. It was a good movie, and went well after our bloody rare steaks; Yum!

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