Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The final season of Lost started last night. On Oahu that's a pretty big deal. The show is filmed here on the island, and the first episode of the season debuts on the beach at Waikiki with many of the Lost cast and crew present.

As I have a weird sciencey job on the same island as the DHARMA Initiative (the mysterious organization in the Lost series), I figured I needed a work uniform to match. DHARMA has all these icons for the different stations on the island (ie: "The Pearl", "The Swan"), and each has its own icon inscribed within a shower-drain octagon shape.

To be part of the Initiative, I need an icon for my 'work-station' too. See, that way I'll blend in. Last night I took some Illustrator artwork and cut it into a stencil. I got out an old T-shirt and some acrylic paint. VoilĂ , I'm official. By the way, I used the art on this shirt and published it to Cafe Press. You can get your own DHARMA/Referentia coffee mug here.

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