Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ewa Beach Goes Green

I've been working from home this week, down with the flu. As usual, I'm the last one in our family to get it. From the home office, I heard what sounded like Godzilla kicking trash bins down the street. I ran to the window. Alas, it was no behemoth Japanese leviathan, but rather the City and County of Honolulu's Refuse Division flat bed trucks delivering... NEW TRASH BINS! Pretty much the guys in the truck-bed were tossing them onto the curbs in front of the houses as fast as you could say "when's lunch break". We used to have just the black rubbish bins. Now there is a blue one for standard recyclables, and a green one for yard dander and the like.

Sue was out gathering sundries in van, and passed by our main drag, Keanui Drive. She told me over lunch that the bins come some assembly required. City workers on Keanui were putting the wheels, axels and lids on the containers just before delivery by the flat bed trucks.

I'm stoked about becoming a green-type person. I've heard it's a very warm comforting feeling. Bummer is, now we have 3 large roll-away bins in our (already tiny) backyard vs. one. Also we lose one of our bi-weekly trash pickup days to a recycle day. Oh well, no-one said saving the world one mouth-wash bottle at a time was easy. We'll see how it works out when pick-ups for the new program start on May 3.

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