Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekend Hike

Sue and I recruited a new baby sitter. We arranged for her to watch the kids this morning while Sue and I made another hike up Koko Crater. It's our fourth time going up together, and it seems like it's become our new regular thing. I'm encouraged. We feel stronger each time we go.

On our way back we stopped at Rainbow Drive-In. Right near the end of the Alawai down town. We enjoyed some ono pork cutlet, shoyu chicken and took some beef stew home. I think their mac salad might be the best on the island. (Except for home kine of course!)


  1. Sue, you look wonderful and what a view from up there to the bay!

  2. Thanks Kell!! Nearly 6 months of daily treadmill visits pay off, I guess. :D The view is just absolutely glorious!