Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunset Photo Opp

Every month the company posts an internal newsletter with the latest company info and a profile article on an employees. This month it was my turn. Nancy, the communications manager, asked me for a picture of me and the family doing our thing on the beach. I write software for a living, and she asked if I could wear my "CodeWarrior" T-shirt for the shot. I wore it to work last month and got a lot of comments.

To facilitate the photo opp, we had a family sandwich dinner at Hau Bush after work. It's winter now, so by the time we got there the sun was already starting to set. We took the picture and I still managed to get in a 20 minute session while Sue lifeguarded the kids. She made ono chicken salad sandwiches, with a hint (ha ha) of fresh paprika. We enjoyed those while the sky turned purple.

Side Note: I finished up editing the latest surf video over the weekend. It uses footage from the new rail camera mount I mentioned in this post.


  1. It was just a little *sprinkle* of paprika, I swear! :innocent look:

  2. Wimp. Paprika is mere coloring.

    This is a great fam shot. I saved it to show the kidlings and spousal unit. THIS should be on a mug. ;)

    PS. Someone in our house drinks from the top of your christmas tree and heads every single day. Which brings me to a weird thought. Have you considered/is it even possible, to put a pic of either you surfing or a bird's eye of the kids in the sand... at the bottom inside of the mug? That would be cool to see after an awesome cup of Kona.