Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kudos To Sue

Sue is always talking about all my athletic events, in my opinion though she is the real jock. It's easy enough for a varsity has-been (me) to go and decide he is going to win a few community races in his middle age. It's another thing altogether when someone who NEVER was an athlete decides that, after three kids and 16 years of marital domestication, she wants to get into Sizzlean shape. Since April Susan has made three trips up and down Kokohead and logged over 130 miles on her Nike+ running fob. Those of you that haven't seen Sue in a year may be suprised, she has always had a long build. The changes however, are remarkable. Sue has lost about a fifth of her body weight, and as you can see, what is left is muscle and smile. Kudos Sue!


  1. Way to go Sue! That reminds me of your UPS days!! Damn!- Chad

  2. Thanks Chad! It was past time to get back into shape, since we're done having more kids. It's been really cool peeling back the layers I added on over the years. :) I hate that treadmill, but man it's good to see myself again!