Monday, August 3, 2009

Lunch in the City

I did another training swim with Kate Costello, and also Brian Denaro this morning. After the three races so far Kate is the women's overall first place by about 45 seconds. So, I was super bummed when I found out that she's headed back to the mainland to bridesmaid a friends wedding tomorrow. She won't be back for the final race.

We had a good training swim regardless, the course from Ehukai (Pipeline) to Waimea Bay was very flat this morning making it an easy swim, Kate and I both spotted a couple of spotted stingrays. Brian went further outside the surf zone and didn't see much. Our times ranged from fifty minutes to one hour.

At work I'm still tasked with better integrating the Map Interface Layer Framework into more of a standalone resource. It's a lot of reading, and understanding other peoples code so it was nice to have a long lunch break with teh Suz. We both had a doctors appointment down town, so we packed most of a lunch and then picked up a dollar chicken sandwich each to go with it. We found a great spot to eat on Hotel Street about a block east of Bishop St., near the HPU campus mall. The area has tables and an onyx-like step of waterfalls that drowned out the city noise. It was a nice oasis for a lunch break in the middle of Honolulu hulabalo.

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