Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hot Wax

Our house guest Scott left Friday afternoon. We all missed having an excuse to go out for food and drink too much. The kids also missed having an oddly buddyesque adult in the house. Aloha Scott, Na Hui Ho!

Suz and I were hoping to finally have it together for our garage sale by Saturday. Alas, with all the house guesting and family de rigor it just didn't happen. We came up with a novel idea though, split our objective into smaller chunks! Wow, crazy right? So Saturday morning we came up with the four week master plan to be ready for the worlds most amazing (music please) garage sale, coming soon, the first weekend of September. Later on Saturday Sue made me do another training swim for North Shore race #4. We took the fam wagon up to Pipeline they dropped me off and got chow and met me fifty minutes and sixteen seconds later at Waimea Bay. Who is this agressive athletic supporter?! and what did she do with my wife? I love it!

Today was fun too. We made it in to church and after the kids had their naps Sue had a spa appointment at Paul Brown's down in Ala Moana. The kids and I went across the street to the park while Sue had here appointment. They swung on banyan trees, climbed on rocks, and Ben even caught a fish! Heading back to Ewa we took an hour to swing by the Bishop Museum. It was Suz' first time in. We saw the temporary insects exhibit and the indoor volcano. The exhibit features a three story walk-in volcano and several substations demoing volcanism as hot wax in minature.

After that it was back to the Ewa Beach shack on the shore for grill cheese sandwiches and Mai Tais. Good Times!

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  1. *STILL* laughing, you silly silly man. What a fun weekend. :)