Monday, August 10, 2009


Gene Hackney, and old friend who used to live in Hawaii, and hurricane Felecia, both came to visit us at the same time. Gene used to live over in Kailua, and as his amazing luck would have it, it is the Eastern shores that are being affected by the tropical storm. Sue and took the beautiful drive over the Ko`olau range after work and met up with Gene near flat island. The wind fetched surf was honk'n especially for Kai Lua.

Faces were consistanly over seven feet. Crowds were also pretty intense. When they get an opportunity on that side of the island, everyone goes. Today was no exception. A couple of times dropping in, I felt like I was on the city bus. Surfers on my left and right on the same wave.

Afterwards Gene treated teh Suz and I to pupus and drinkus on the front porch of his rental. Then, we went to Buzz's in Kailua for their signature rum drink. We got all caught up on how he Patty and the have been doing this year in New England.

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