Friday, March 20, 2009

Leapin Lizards

Jana, a school district psychologist that helps Nate recommended a fun activity for our after work Daddy Adventures. Leapin Lizards is a warehouse in Aiea full of those inflatable jumping things like you see in the park at a kids birthday party. Best of all adults are allowed to climb on them too! Ben enjoyed the boxing and pugel stick setups, Nate liked the obstacle courses, and Naomi was a bigger fan of the slides. If you've got 3 kids it adds up quick at $8 a head. Don't forget to bring your socks or you'll have to buy them too. Also, our skin was kind itchy crawly after the event so we all got a shower after we got home. The kids will probably sleep well tonight as they really gave themselves a good work out, they pretty much sweat through their clothes.

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