Thursday, July 17, 2008

Moonlight Session

This evening Greg and I went out for a full moon session at "Threes". At first I couldn't find them; I caught a few waves and ended up over at "Canoes" before I got out and walked back over to the jetty at the Hale Koa again. (Pro-tip: if you can't find a surf break, ask one of the metal detector guys on the beach). Threes was smooth, no wind, and almost overhead. Its a long ride to the right. There were about a dozen guys out and the sets kept coming, plenty for everyone.

Earlier today, work was good. I got RemTaskIf working in JSAF. After work I took the kids to Ko`olina Lagoon 1. Sue needed a break from watching the kids all day (summer vacation) and didn't have to work tonight. She headed North and went snorkeling at Three tables.

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