Thursday, July 10, 2008

Love Boat

Sue and I had our 15th anniversary today. Sue left the kids with Destiny and met me at work. I pau'd at 3 turtles and we went down to Aloha Tower area and got pupu's at Don Ho's. We boarded the Star of Honolulu around 5 and sailed off to Diamond Head and back over dinner (crab legs and steak .. Sue not so hungry). The rocking kind of got to us, so we went outside.. much better. I'd recommend sitting in a non-enclosed dining room if we did it again. Sue got a ton of good pictures. This one... was taken by someone who only spoke Japanese and thought that a snapping handshake was amazingly funny (actually its just hopelessly 80's). After we got back in we just malled around some more and went to Gorden Biersch for a bit before heading back home. Good Times!


  1. aw you guys look great! Congrats again. :)

  2. 15 years ago? That makes me feel old! Tell your sister I finally cut my hair and took the earrings out!

    Congrats guys. You have come a long way from Atherton Street.