Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chrome Dome

I'm still working on the MisterGoat project, but I was getting feedback that the skull was a little bit too, well, 'skully'. Besides, it's quite a contrast between the skull and all the rusted items also in the collage.

Once upon a time I made couple of Fantasy Football trophies. The trick there was to have a heavy bronze head piece for lustworthy ooglage. So, applying that knowledge forward, I bronzed the goat skull.

Well, maybe it isn't bronze, but I don't think you'll every know if you don't touch it. Anway it looks pretty good in juxtaposition to the other items in the frame. So, I think it was a good call.

So there it is, the new improve mister goat skull, basking in the sun. Hmm, wonder what I'll bronze next?

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