Sunday, July 11, 2010

Watch Me


The van was still at the railway society where we had left it last night. After church today, Sue and I put the littles in bed for a nap and left our oldest son up to baby sit while we ran back to pick up the van together. Sue has really advanced as a runner, after a year of training, she and I are pretty much the same speed.

We went together on foot back to where the adventure started. She ran with her new wedding ring on, and I was also wearing my anniversary present. A bright orange stopwatch/diver's watch Sue gave me during train ride. It also makes a fine couples jogging watch. Our run time is in the picture on the left (26:36.70)

Before we headed back we took a moment to stop in and talk with Tom from the Hawaiian Railway Society. Tom set the whole thing up for us. He also gave us our last anniversary gift. He snapped a bunch of pictures with his Cannon SLR and presented them to us on CD. Thanks Tom!

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