Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mister Goat's Wild Ride

I'm working on a new assemblage piece. The theme is our weekend on Big Island. The objective with the theme is to use only things that we found or brought back from the trip last weekend.

Sue and I pretty much drove the entire length of the West side of Big Island. We put almost 300 miles on the rental driving from the North tip of Kawi all the way to South Point.

We brought back a few things found on dry country roads: a young goat's skull, very, very old (40's) car parts, planks from a bee-keeper's hive box that fell off a truck. We brought back some bottles of sand. We brought back clippings of paper from the trip, coffee beans from Kona Joe's tour. Also we brought back some items very integral to Kate and Graham's weeding. The bulletin for the wedding was printed on old school hand waved fans. Each panel had a different part of the service.

Now that we are home again, I'm turning sections of wood from the bee box into a frame, the skull will pretty much be the centerpiece. I've already fashioned some shades for the skull from rusted car parts, and a pair of sunglasses that I broke on the trip.

I think I'll take my time with this one. Their are no deadlines. I'm not necessarily making it to sell. The trick will be to make something that is both personal to Sue and me, and still generic enough for the average person to be intrigued. Once I started with a general layout, Sue dubbed the piece "Mister Goat's Wild Ride" (a la: the Disney World ride named for Toad in Wind in the Willows). It makes sense, The dashboard of the old ?Model-T? is directly under the Goat Skull, he is wearing shades, and the wind is blowing back the tea-leaves in his 'hair'. I'm sure the work will only get wackier from there as I add in more elements from the trip.

Above are a few pics to show you where I'm at so far. A very rough outline sketch, a close up of Mister Goat with his custom (and bitch'n) shades, then a flop on the garage floor showcasing a POTENTIAL layout. Keep in mind, probably less than half of the potential pieces are shown in that pic. It will change.

Hope you get a laugh.

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