Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Man in the Gray Suit

I had a fun session this morning at Hau Bush. I was a little disappointed by the wave size. It was projected to be seven foot faces. As you can see from the video, it was not. With big wave forecasts comes crowded breaks. There were over a dozen of us out there until an 8 foot tiger came through. The short boarders paddled in post haste. My fan club attended today's session again! Thanks girls.


  1. So. Very. Jealous. :O)

    Even the small waves are waves right? Think about all those poor and suffering surfers on the east coast who just looked at this and saw some of the tallest waves of their season crash ashore.

    Also, Gnomes is waaaaay too cute :O)


  2. Hehe, yeah she's dangerously adorable (not that I'm biased.) I shudder to think what'll happen when she realizes it. Yikes!