Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Giant Insect Safari

Now through August 2nd Pearlridge mall is hosting an awesome robotic bug exhibit. Animatronic beetles, mosquitoes, grasshoppers and more are on display for free in the common areas of Pearlridge upper and lower mall. I took the kids on daddy adventures after work today and we checked it out. Funny that the Safari train through the insect patch is 3$ a keiki, but monorail rides between Pearlridge Upper and Lower are only 50¢. Whatupwidat? a quick lesson in money. "Son you can either have six McDonalds apple pies or a 5 minute ride on the kiddy train." Yeah, I think he gets it.

Here's some video from our safari. Btw: footage was shot entirely w/ the new iPhone, to get the best impression, be sure to click on the "view in high quality" option when youtube starts to play the video.

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