Thursday, May 28, 2009

Night at the Museum

It's been super hot and muggy on the island lately. I think there must be some vog going on too. I can't even see the Waianae mountain range from work. Sue and I switched off kids in the lot yesterday so that she could go to her evening shift. After a day of meetings, I just didn't have it in me to head back to Ewa to sit around, sweat, and watch the three munchkins. Idea: sit in a cool movie theatre with the kids. Sure! We went and saw Night at the Museum at the Dole Canary instead. The kids liked the movie and I enjoyed some cool air in a dark room. Win win. For those adults out there, this movie was pretty not-okay. If you've seen the trailer, you seen the best parts of the movie. Save your money and catch it on TV next year.


  1. Was it Night at the Museum (first movie) or the Smithsonian thingy (second movie) that sucked? These things matter!

  2. The second fellated. The first one actually I liked. The second one just had too much of that Ben Stiller dialog stuff where everyone is pretending to be sinister but is really being tritely silly. Also, historical characters were so undeveloped, shallow, cliche, and just wrong. Ie: Albert Einstein say "Pi is 3.14159265 to be exact". WHAT? to be exact, the exact value of Pi cannot be expressed as a decimal value.. it goes on forever.. to be exact. I could just tell that the screenwriters didn't spend an extra minute, even to do a Google search and learn a new morsel about the characters. Bummerz, such a missed opportunity, especially with such young audience potential.

  3. Dude. I could totally have been talking about toe nail suckage...

    We liked the first and chuckled heartily much and often. Haven't seen the second one. It has been many many moons since we've been to a theatre. Therefore we love Netflix with big, wet licks.