Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tower 1E

I took a long lunch yesterday to go on an errand with Sue. I had an hour to kill after I dropped her off on Bishop Street, so I went down to visit Bill at the Ala Moana beach park. Bill is a lifeguard there. He was holding about 200 more of Jeff's images and movie shorts from our Kealaikahiki swim. After pulling the files onto my laptop, I still had time to crank out one kilometer ocean swim before swinging back into town to get Sue. I'm still pretty stiff in the deltoids and triceps from last week, small recovery workouts have really helped ease the tightness.

(4/17: added J.Koz pic of Bill swimming at Ala Moana)

1 comment:

  1.'re crazy! Nice job on the swim...I hear oven mitts work well to prevent scratching.

    Dave (a.k.a. Darren/Darrell or whetever you thought my name was through your wiskey soaked stuper)