Saturday, April 11, 2009


I can't believe it was only yesterday that Bill and I were face down swimming over ten hours of impossibly blue Hawaiian ocean. Today I took a 3 hour nap, worked on my taxes and tried not to scratch the 5 dozen or so tiny jelly fish stings all over my body from yesterday. As the evening rolled in, we downloaded our depleted iPhones, cameras, video cameras etc. I'm hoping to get some more footage from Jeff later on. For now though. I threw together this video montage from about 5 different sources just to have something to get out. Check back, I'll work on a better edit as more footage comes in.

A word about Jeff our paddleboarder/gopher/lifeguard/line-of-site-scout. The word is: "stud". How many of us bitch and moan when we have to paddle out to a break a quarter mile off shore? Yeah, I thought so. Jeff: 17 miles, AND while toting water, cameras, power gels etc. He didn't have his paddler 16', he didn't even have a life guard 12' board. Jeff WORKED with a 9'6 all the way to Lana`i. Thank you Jeff! Btw: check Jeff's blog for more pics etc. from the crossing.

(4/12: changed the video link, YouTube was muting the audio.. DRFM issues w/ Linkin Park I guess)

(4/13): pics posted on mobileme

(4/17): Honolulu Advertiser article on this (pic incorrect though)


  1. Yeah, but I had a flotation device and some protection from those cookie cutter sharks.
    Congratulations, Quinn.

  2. 'protection' that makes you look like a nine foot Ahi from below!