Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pau Ka Hale

We finished up on the old rental this evening. I cut work about an hour early to wrap up last day type issues. I cleaned, caulked holes and pulled the glow stars off of Naomi's ceiling. I opened and disconnected the fridge, and switched off the breaker on the major appliances. I also pulled the custom made bookshelf out of the mid-point on the stairwell. It was good Zen type work, well suited to nostalgia and a fresh MaiTai.

My mom and dad are still in town. They watched the kids while Sue and I went out for an evening meal to celebrate. We had a delicious dinner at Hana Sushi in Kapolei: unagi, chicken teriaki, volcano roll, california twist, and several kinds of maki. We dropped the keys in the landlords mailbox on the way back to the new house and I'm sure we'll sleep very well.

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  1. dude, i'm so stoked that every thing seems to have worked out for you and your family.