Saturday, December 1, 2007

Brunch at Pacific Beach Hotel

Sue had a suprise for us. She got us all to go into Waikiki as a family. We found out where on arrival. We had the brunch buffet breakfast at the Pacific Beach Hotel.

It was an awesome spread, prime rib an omlet stations, fresh butter fish, terriaki, eggs bennedict done with Kalua pork, fired noodles, tempura, crab legs, fresh fruits, veggies, cheese, probably a dozen varietys of poke and sushi, a table of desserts, and the coffee was Kona.

The entire restaurant part of the hotel is built around a 3 story fish tank. Most tables end into the wall with the tank, bu all tables have an amazing view. Sue booked us in time to enjoy lunch and be there for the daily fish feeding.

The tank is stocked with enormous rays, some puffers, saddle rass, yellow tangs, trigger fish, mullets, chub, surgeon fish and many others. At feeding time a scuba diver entered the tank, and hand feed the leviathans.

Good food, good times, kudos Sue!

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