Sunday, October 5, 2008

Island Dream

Once a year the Waikiki Swim Club (WSC) does a small afternoon boat cruise for its members. We left from a slip at Ward Marina and sailed pretty much of the way to Diamond Head and back. Halfway there we all jumped off the boat to play in the water, and then climbed back on for potluck food and BYOB beverages. It was a beautiful Hawaiian evening and we enjoyed the sunset on the boats enormous pink sails. video


  1. That was a kewl video...looks like fun!

  2. Dude, loved the video. Your blog gives the (hopefully 100% accurate) impression that the Carvers are living the good life on one of the most Naturally beautiful places on earth. You seem to take full advantage of the resources. Miss you all. Chad Stacey and Meena.


    My nepal photos Chad