Monday, June 30, 2008

Lagoon 4 Castaways

I took the kids to Ko`olina Lagoon 4 today after work. We had dropped by Sunny D's in Waipahu to see if they could fix Trib's Euk on the way out (they can't). After we left the lagoon Ben realized his slippers were missing. We doubled back to get them. The slippers were still there, white coral rocks on them holding them down. I got out with the iPhone and the Euk walked over to them and snapped this shot as the sun was going down. Yeah -- it's like that.


  1. dude, you are an awesome father and husband. seriously.

  2. Thanks, thanks alot... its really just a coping mechanism though. If I take the kids straight home from work, dey just gone bust up da place an drive me crazy. Mo better fo take dem out -- an get less cracks dat way.