Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You've Just Been Served

It's a strange feeling when you finish up a tastey pork chop dinner, get the three kids off to bed and then get an ominous late night knock at the front door. A tall friendly man let us know that the house we are renting will be up for sale next month. He was required by law to tape a notice to the front of our house. Click on the picture above and read it for yourself. Kind of makes us wonder what happened to all the rent money we've been paying over the last two years. Hmm...it might be tricky getting our deposit back.


  1. That really blows. I had heard about that happening.

  2. Yikes. Mom and Dad just told me as they fly out to see you. Sounds like the Lord provided you an alternate home and parents to help move you though.

    Love ya, hon. By the way, all is well for me after yesterday.

  3. God is always carrying you through whatever obstacles life puts in front of us. He never gives you more than you can handle.

    Our prayers are with you, Sue and the kids.